Well That Was A Dead End

Damn, that was a dead end.

I really thought we had a lead on that one, but now it’s back to the drawing board. We have to get back to the facts. What do we know for certain right now?

The answer is in here somewhere, we just have to get in there and find it.

What was the name of that one guy we brought in last week? Simpson? I say we get him back in here and see what we can get out of him. I’m still not completely sold on his alibi of being at home and watching TV, and I want to see if he might break under a little bit of pressure. Go talk with Jimmy and the boys and see what we can pull on that front.

The chief is really starting to get on us about this one. City Hall wants answers, and there’s a lot of pressure from upstairs to bring justice to the bastard who did this. We’re going to be working overtime until we can put this criminal behind bars. Let’s stop this guy before he even gets started.

It’s got to be here somewhere. Hold up I might just have something. I’ve got to run back to my office. Johnson, I want you to check in on that next lead and tell Hotch to meet me downtown. I think we just cracked this thing wide open.

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