Area Mom Reports Sweater Fine, Just Not The One She Would Have Chosen

Jenkins just wished her daughter would have consulted her first.

A study released earlier this week has announced that the sweater Katie Jenkins wore last week was “you know fine, just not what [she] would’ve went with,” according to Mrs. Jenkins.

The observation by Jenkins is in reference to the blue and white striped sweater she hadn’t seen before that Katie wore to her uncle’s birthday dinner last week. Jenkins was “surprised she wanted to wear that.”

The report detailed Jenkin’s surprise, but not entire disappointment, that Katie chose to wear that sweater and not, “that other one, the red one we got you for that interview last semester.” Although Katie owned the sweater for about eight months, Mrs. Jenkins was rather surprised to see it being worn.

The striped sweater was worn at the sleeves but retained the colors for which Katie had chosen it at the mall. Although the collar was a bit stretched Katie contended “it was an oldie but goodie.”

Further details of the outfit in question, including that the sweater was paired with black leggings and not jeans, was also noticed by Jenkins. According to report Jenkins noted, “personally, don’t think it’s flattering to wear a cropped sweater with leggings, but that’s just my style.”

At press time, Jenkins was preparing to question whether Katie had brushed her hair that day or not.

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