Dentist Prescribes Toothbrush

Dr. Kim implored his patient to visit again in six months.


In a move which has left those within the dental community impressed, local dentist Jenna Kim DDS has prescribed a toothbrush to her patient to be used twice daily.

Dr. Kim, who spent four years at dental school on top of her undergraduate education, is an expert in diagnostics and prevention of various oral hygiene mistakes in patients. Her education and skills have led her to encourage countless patients to “open wide,” and ask whether they prefer mint or strawberry flavored toothpaste.

Patients report that Kim employs an array of techniques in her process of diagnosis such as looking at teeth, looking at the back of teeth in a small mirror, and asking if you have been flossing.

“And here’s a little baggie for you to take home,” said Kim of the medication she prescribes all of her patients. The so-called baggie, which contained the prescribed toothbrush, also contained a paste that should be applied liberally and a reel of floss to be applied between teeth. The medical supplies were accompanied by a choice of sticker, bouncy ball, or marble maze.

“And be sure to get the way back,” she added while miming a brushing motion, providing her patients a brief glimpse into her clinical expertise in the field of oral hygiene.

At the end of the appointment, Kim was seen telling patients that their fluoride rinse should be enough to last them until next year’s appointment, but if not to look for the purple bottle at CVS.

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