Fourth Grade Class President Appoints Cubby Liaison

According to reports coming in from Miss Neville’s homeroom, fourth grade class president Joshua Telmer has appointed a liaison to the cubby area of the classroom.

Telmer, who ran on a platform which included cutting arts and craft waste and extending recess, hopes that a direct ambassador between room 406 and their cubbies down the hall will increase dialogue and cultural interchange between the two locales.

Although the short list included Robert Lang and Sharon Eldrige, the coveted position ultimately went to Dylan Ross, who was a close aide to Telmer during the campaign.

“I am more than confident in my close friend and political ally Dylan, and his ability to bridge the divide between our beloved homeroom and the back part of the room where the cubbies are” remarked Telmer at a press conference announcing the decision.

The Cubby Liaison’s duties include managing day-to-day cubby traffic, negotiating with teachers regarding cubby cleanliness standards, and most importantly assigning cubby buddies.

Ross, who will begin to assemble a staff in the coming weeks told reporters he is “excited to get to know the people of the cubby area, and to work for the mutual protection of both the cubbies, our homeroom, and the playground.”

Telmer is reportedly making plans to fire his chief-of-staff in the days to come.

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