Lame Student Org Continues To Blame Poor Attendance On Snow

The organization was pretty sure the buses were also running late due to weather.

After another sparsely attended meeting, Michigan Crocheting Guild president Dylan Webber blamed bad weather for the lackluster turn-out.

The meeting, which took place in a third floor Mason Hall classroom, consisted of a few announcements and agenda setting for the semester. Though the meeting had been scheduled to begin on Michigan Time, Webber had postponed its commencement by fifteen minutes to “give stragglers a bit of extra time.”

“Darn snow, I’ll bet the sidewalks were really icy near the dorms,” commented Weber, one of three other people at the meeting.

Recent developments indicate that weather may not have played a significant role in the meeting’s substandard attendance. Would-be attendees cite the club itself as being a deterrent for their presence at meetings.

“I went to the first mass meeting,” freshman Alicia Darrow said, “but we didn’t really do anything and the vibe was sort of sad. Plus, you have to buy your own supplies.”

Despite offering little in terms of social events or activities, the few members present at the meeting held that inclement weather was the primary reason for the lack of attendees.

Some club members offered further conjectures as to why so few people had come. Hughes noted that a few years ago, meetings had taken place in the Union, which may have “thrown some people for a loop.”

As the meeting drew to a close, attendees resolved that the primary reason behind the widespread absence was that there were a lot of out-of-state students who didn’t have proper shoes for walking through snow.

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