Man Using Foam Roller Not Exactly Sure Either

Backwater, just sort of rolling around.


According to reports, local CCRB attendee Eric Backwater has been doing a lot of really weird things with the foam roller. Backwater’s actions have caused a great deal of confusion among patrons at the gym—including Backwater himself.

“You know, I’m really just experimenting with this thing,” said Backwater, motioning in the direction of the foam roller. “Sometimes I’m doing a bunch of random stuff and nothing’s happening, but at other times I do something and it’s just like ‘oh.’”

Backwater reports using the CCRB’s communal foam rollers both pre and post-workout for the past two weeks, and has no idea if his usage has been of any help to him at all.

“I’m going to level with you,” stated gym goer Lindsey Harthstone. “I have no idea what you’re supposed to do with those foam rollers, either. But I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be doing that.”

Backwater reports feeling a notable difference a er his usage of the foam rollers, but admits that the difference might simply be an increase in self- consciousness and not necessarily anything associated with his muscles.

University of Michigan’s sports medicine professor, Dr. Dawn Justice, offered support of Backwater’s routine, stating, “You really just gotta dig in there and put some pressure on different parts. That’s where the tension is.”

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