Absolutely Nothing To Be Done About Iced Over Windshield

What can you do?

Upon finding early Tuesday that the front windshield of her car had become completely covered in ice overnight, local woman Jen Fenwick responded to the situation by doing, “literally nothing” and proceeding to get in the car and start driving.

Fenwick told reporters that while the ice had completely obscured her field of vision, she opted not to do anything about it when she remembered that it was “like, really cold outside.”

Fenwick added that she considered scraping the ice off of the windshield or turning on the car and waiting for it to thaw but ultimately decided “those all seemed like a lot of work,” and she had “places to be.”

“It’s not like I just gave up right away,” Fenwick explained. “I tried running the windshield wipers to see if that would help but they were frozen to the car. At that point, it was really out of my hands.”

Fenwick told reporters that while the situation might seem dangerous from an outside perspective, she had driven that route hundreds of times and probably “didn’t need to see everything anyways.” Fenwick added that she could at least “pretty much make out the colors of the stop lights.”

Other drivers on the road reportedly kept their distance from Fenwick’s vehicle after noticing “there was no way in hell she could see a thing.”

At press time, Fenwick passively hoped that the snow she let freeze on top of her car wasn’t going to fly off and smash someone’s windshield.

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