This Might Not Be ‘Politically Correct,’ But Stanley Tucci Deserves Better Dramatic Roles

All right snowflakes, buckle up. I don’t care who this offends, but it needs to be said: Stanley Tucci is a world class character actor and he deserves better dramatic roles.

I’m sick and tired of living in a world full of P.C. bullshit where I’m supposed to bite my tongue and applaud Woody Harrelson for his performance in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” when everyone in this country knows damn well that role belonged to Tucci.

Instead Mr. Tucci, who charmed a nation with his performance in “The Lovely Bones,” is forced to slum it as the suit-wearing talking dog Phillippe in the forthcoming animated disaster Show Dogs. It makes me sick.

When I was a kid the world wasn’t like this. People said what was on their minds. Now, men are cowards and Stanley Tucci is relegated to B-list fame.

The man was the moral compass of the ensemble drama and best picture winner “Spotlight” for god’s sake. Yet year after year I see the names of halfbaked actors like Andrew Garfield pulling in Tucci’s Oscar noms. This never would have happened when Reagan was President. That’s when men were men and this country cherished its most talented character actors.

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