White History Year Takes 28-Day-Long Break

White History Year, the 11-month- long celebration of white history and culture, is taking its annual month-long break for the duration of February.

“While the importance of celebrating the various accomplishments and achievements of white culture goes without saying, we also understand the importance of taking an annual break from this celebration so as not to get worn out,” said White History Year spokesperson Richard Daniels. “In order to keep this break as short as possible, we allot the 28 days of February to black history. We even offer them an extra day every four years.”

Daniels continued, “White History Year will begin again in March, with the celebration of the Academy Awards, Hollywood’s famous nod to white culture.”

Other well-known White History Year holidays include Columbus Day, the Fourth of July, Flag Day, and the Kentucky Derby.

“We like to think of White History Year as being a contemporary way to memorialize our cultural past,” reaffirmed Daniels. “But we also like to think of February, as an opportunity to come up with even more white figures and events to honor during the next White History Year. I think most people would be surprised to learn how many of these extraordinary achievements go unrecognized.”

At press time, the White History Association was making an argument for moving President’s Day to one of the days in White History Year.

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