Making Kurt Cobain Proud: This Kid Is Wearing A Nirvana T-Shirt

Uh-oh, does it smell like teen spirit in here? That’s right, this kid’s rocking a Nirvana t-shirt. Man, if only Kurt Cobain were around to see this now.

His name is Jacob Lomes and he is everything. Jacob picked this puppy up from Target at the low price of just $13.99! I bet if Cobain hadn’t shot himself, he would be really proud to have inspired Jacob to buy this t-shirt.

Jacob says he first became familiar with Nirvana from their one song in the mass market video game, Rock Band. I bet that makes Kurt roll over in his grave. Trying to get out so he can give Jacob a high five that is!

Who knows, maybe one day Jacob will love Nirvana so much that he buys a poster for his room. The one with the baby chasing the dollar bill in the pool. Man, that thing’s sweet. Kurt Cobain must wish he hadn’t blown his brains out now that he won’t see Jacob order that bad boy online!

“In Bloom” might be the only Nirvana song Jacob knows, unless you count “Jeremy,” by Pearl Jam, which he also thinks is a Nirvana song. But that won’t stop him from adopting the commercialized grunge aesthetic into his identity! Boy, if only Kurt could see him now.

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