Master Who Was Surpassed By Student Wants Rematch

‘Best two out of three.’

Last Thursday, Pai Mae was soundly defeated in one on one combat by his pupil, Jacob Jones. The match was reportedly held following a rigorous training period in which Jones grew from a weakling who could barely hold a sword to a force to be reckoned with.“

After I knocked him to the ground, the way he looked at me told me everything I needed to know. I was ready,” said Jones when asked about the outcome of the battle. “I really respect that old man and appreciate all he has taught me. I’m finally ready to take back my village and fulfill my destiny.”

“Look I just tripped okay? The terrain was treacherous,” Mae said about the training ground on which the showdown occurred. “So it doesn’t really count. Plus I haven’t taught him the four-finger bleeding-eye technique yet. He has much to learn, and I’ll battle him again then.”

“That grasshopper isn’t ready at all. His fighting style harnessed his anger and not his inner peace,” Mae said of his former student. “Of course I want him to be successful, just not more than me.”

At press time, Mae was preparing for his rematch by taking a long nap to prevent himself from being “too exhausted to fight properly” again.

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