Mom Can’t Believe How Warm It Got This Week

‘It was freezing last week!’

Citing her utter disbelief at recent weather patterns, reports indicate that your mom simply cannot believe how warm it got this week.

“I mean, it was 25 here on Wednesday,” said your mother over the phone, incredulous to the rise in temperature, “and it’s supposed to be 65 tomorrow. Can you even believe that?”

Your mom’s meteorological research is reportedly backed by daily visits to, where she has access to hourly as well as 10-day forecasts.

“They say it’s supposed to be warm out by your sister too,” your mom said, scrolling through precipitation reports, “This weather is just so crazy.”

The disbelief in recent weather patterns has reportedly been a recurring event during check-ins throughout the winter. Sources claim that this is the fourteenth call in which your mom cited her astonishment in a recent a shift in temperature.

She also gave detailed accounts of your father’s reactions to the weather, and how they intend to spend the sunny day.

Your mom later sent an email recapping the weather patterns discussed on the phone.

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