Cop Who Spent Too Much Time In The Field Not Sure Who Good Guys Even Are Anymore

"Trust is a hard thing to come by these days," said Stevens.

Noting that he may have spent too much time in the field, big city cop Mark Stevens said that he can’t even be sure who the good guys are anymore.

Stevens, who was recruited for the dangerous and time- sensitive mission because of his no-nonsense grit and unconventional methods, has been noticeably worn down by what he’s seen. “I’m here to catch bad guys, but I’m no superhero,” remarked Stevens, later adding “there’s no such thing as superheroes as far as I’m concerned.”

Although Stevens has resolved to remain in the bureau, he is suspicious of the officials’ motives that he works with. “Stay in the game long enough, and everyone you know will show their dark side.” Stevens had previously been able to keep an emotional distance from his job, but lately had been wondering “what the point of all this is.”

The veteran man in uniform, who has been seen consuming whiskey between armed ambushes on Mexican arms traffickers, is doubting whether or not his efforts are worth the trouble. Stevens’ superiors are worried that the years of brutal gun fights and double agents have left the agent disenchanted. According to his boss, Aaron Isacson “It all went downhill when his partner was lost due to a spy on the inside”

“This job is a thankless one. Stevens is one of our best but even the most trained agents need some time off to unwind from the toll fighting the bad guys takes.” remarked Lieutenant Marcus Santos. Although he feels a constant need to serve justice, the stubborn main character was seen losing composure in the field on multiple occasions.

Santos was also careful to note that in recent months, Jackson had been relying increasingly on his second-in-command, who is eager to prove himself.

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