Mom Really Getting Kick Out Of Restaurant Decor

Just wait until she sees the bathroom door artwork.

While out to eat with her family at Pizzeria Uno last Saturday, local mom Sandra Boutin really got a kick out of the restaurant decor.

“Wow, look at what they did with napkins, here,” said Boutin when her family was seated by the waiter. “And oh, look at these menus!”

Sources close to the Boutin family report that what really caught the eye of their mother, in addition to the napkins and menus, was the string of miniature Italian flags hung around the perimeter of the room.

“What a nice touch,” commented Boutin while admiring the wall ornaments of the Chicago-based chain. “I feel like I’m at Lake Coma!”

Boutin was reportedly also delighted by a battery- powered decorative candle placed behind the condiment bin.

“Careful you don’t get burned,” jested Boutin, adding how “neat” she thought the light fixture was.

As the meal came to an end, Boutin reportedly got up from her seat, saying that she wanted to “check out the ladies’ room” before the family returned home.

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