Student Body Relishing Third Day Of Beautiful 45° And Partially Sunny Weather

Students were hoping some selective memory would leave out these bitter walks to campus.

The student body has expressed great joy after enjoying a brisk day of Michigan’s April weather, rounding off the third straight day of 40 plus degree weather and partial sun.

Reports have surfaced that many students have been seen lounging in the Diag, laying in hammocks, and using slacklines in order to enjoy some brief exposure to the sun. Reports are also surfacing that Vitamin D deficiency has gone down across the student body, but only a little bit.

“It’s just nice to be outside again,” said Jordan Clarkson, a pale sophomore playing Frisbee in the diag with a runny nose, flushed cheeks, and red ears. “Compared to last month’s weather, this is like summer.”

“It’s starting to feel like spring now,” said Alexa Erickson of the week that started with snow showers and only recently worked its way up into the mid 40’s. “Time to break out the tank tops.”

At press time, students were making plans to go for a jog in the arb while carefully avoiding shaded areas as the temperature in the shade is below freezing.

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