Creep Still Spying On You Through Tape Over Laptop Camera Touched To Know You Thought Of Him

It’s the little things that matter to your cyber stalker.

Confirming your deepest and darkest fears, researchers affirmed that the creepy foreign computer hacker, who is still currently spying on you through the tape you placed over your laptop camera, was touched to know you thought of him.

“The guy is definitely still out there,” said digital forensic analyst Tim Pembry, referring to the Estonian computer geek who lurks somewhere in the shadows of cyberspace and has thwarted your most recent attempt to prevent him from watching your each and every move.

“We don’t know who he is, and we don’t know where he is,” stated Pembry. “It’s always a good idea to browse the web with privacy in mind, and extra protective measures such as blocking your webcam while not in use can go a long way. But with highly skilled cyber technicians, it would be foolhardy to think that such simple controls can keep you truly safe.”

Pembry reports that his team has found indications that the creep in question was not deterred by your attempts to barricade him out. In fact, analysis shows that he found it heartwarming you took the time out of your day to do something just for him and interpreted it as an all-around thoughtful gesture.

“In other words,” Pembry explained, “the tape likely encouraged him to continue spying on you.”

In light of this recent finding, researchers have issued warnings emphasizing the danger of such an individual, who has visual access to your behavior and everyday routine and who has the ability to hijack your camera and use it as a two-way mirror. Pembry later added that, considering both the technological superiority and emotional resiliency of this creep, the best strategy at this point is to continue to appease him. “Remember to stick a fresh piece of tape over your laptop camera every few weeks or so—or better yet, ask him about his day. That way, he knows that you still care.”

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