Mars Still Showing No Signs Of Life, Interest In Brian’s Youtube Channel

Brian's 'woeful' recognition on the red planet persisted even after a lengthy YouTube Ads campaign.

Though the search for extraterrestrial life on Mars continues, the red planet has yet to show any signs of life or interest in Brian’s YouTube channel. NASA’s search for life involves the constant development of new technologies and research methods, but none of their efforts have discovered aliens, who have also never even given Brian’s YouTube channel a single view.

“My YouTube channel hasn’t taken off yet, and I mostly attribute that to the lack of attention from Mars,” said Brian, known as lifeof_brian on the Google-owned video sharing website. “I’ve tried a lot of things in my vlogs, but the Martians, who haven’t even shown us that they exist, just aren’t being receptive to my prank clips or longboarding tutorials.”

Using YouTube analytics, Brian can see geographical locations of his viewers. While he has a few subscribers from the United States, China, and Europe, he has absolutely no subscribers from Mars, which, as far as astronomers know, is completely devoid of life.

“We have plenty of reason to believe that Mars should be showing interest in Brian’s YouTube channel,” said Deputy NASA Administrator Lori Garver, whom Brian consulted to offer an explanation for Mars’ total aversion to Brian’s channel. “While we’ve discovered absolutely no life on Mars so far, prank videos and clickbait titles usually attract a significant number of viewers.”

“Mars and Earth share some striking similarities, so, despite the lack of life, it’s definitely surprising that Mars wouldn’t be interested in hilarious videos of Brian pranking his younger sister,” she later added.

At press time, Brian was seen adjusting some of his content to cater to the so-far undiscovered extraterrestrials on Saturn’s moon Titan.

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