University Makes Sure To Work All The Kinks Into MPrint Before Semester Starts

Greenspan personally saw to it that all the printers had low toner and made buzzing noises.

In an attempt to sure up resources for the coming semester, University officials are working around the clock to work all the kinks in MPrint.

“It’s really important to us that MPrint is a consistently unreliable resource for students,” said ITS representative Ethan Greenspan. “It’s unfortunate when students aren’t able to count on receiving a printing error in the UGLi.”

The wireless printing service offers malfunctioning black and white, color, tabloid, or poster printers at various campus computing sites. The University is also considering lowering the amount of students that can print at any one time before the printer freezes up.

Students were delighted to know that the MPrint team is working tirelessly to create problems in the printing service.

“I’m glad I go to a school where the administration cares enough to provide a free and totally unreliable printing service to all its students,” said Sophomore Kelly Garcia. “I don’t know what I would do if I weren’t able to fail to print out my homework in the fishbowl before class.”

Garcia stated that, the one time Mprint did work correctly, she had so much extra time on her hands that she “didn’t even know what to do with [her]self.”

At press time, MPrint announced plans to create an even less responsive interface for its mobile app to make printing on-the-go even more difficult.

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