Desperate Student Looking Up Synonyms For ‘The’

'Le' thesaurus has come in handy

After a grueling ten hours of writing his English 238 paper, LSA sophomore Ryan Graziella has reached the point where he’s looking up synonyms for the word “the.”

According to Graziella, once he “gets in the zone,” he has a bad habit of using the same word over and over again.

“I always like to do a proofread after I have a full rough draft,” he said. “I was doing it for this paper, and that’s when it hit me—I was using the word ‘the’ way too much.” While Graziella tries to “avoid redundancy” in his writing, he admitted to using the definite article “sometimes more than once per sentence.”

“The” has long been a staple of Graziella’s writings, and, although the English student stated that it can be “hard to let go of old practices,” he’s sure his move away from it is for the better.

Graziella’s attention to detail stems from his desire to go above and beyond. “Sure, anyone could just use the word ‘the’ willy nilly, but I think throwing in ‘thee’ and ‘thy’ a couple times could really set me apart from the rest of the crowd.”

At press time, Graziella noticed that he was using “and” way too much as well.

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