Girl Sitting In Front Of You In Lecture Has Big Head On Purpose

Her head reportedly cannot and will not shrink.

Numerous sources have confirmed that the girl obstructing your vision in lecture with her giant head is, in fact, doing it on purpose.

“At this point, it has to be intentional,” remarked Sarah Washington, the LSA sophomore sitting next to you. “Her head is several times larger than that of the average woman. She clearly only grew it that big to fuck with the people sitting behind her,” she added while shaking her normal-sized noggin.

Reports have found that the girl’s humongous dome is capable of blocking up to two-thirds of the whiteboard or more, if she feels particularly pesky. Sources have also indicated that she has strategically placed her sizeable cranium over the second half of every important sentence on the lecture slides, and is completely covering up any pictures too.

Sources indicate that the girl’s decision to place her massive skull between you and the screen was probably premeditated. “She could have chosen any seat,” noted Jason Mathers, the LSA freshman who is sitting several rows behind you. “She could also have had a head of any size. This is clearly intelligent design with malicious intent in mind.”

At press time, your repeated efforts to glare a hole through the girl’s skull have gone unnoticed.

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