Can I Tell You Something About Santa?

Hey, son! I know every year, around this time, that holiday cheer starts to pick up and you start writing your list for Christmas. I know you’re already excited to run downstairs and break open those gifts waiting for you, but before you start writing things down, I think we should have a quick talk.

I know Santa always manages to know what you want, and you know he does everything he can to get you everything on your list, but do you ever wonder how he knows to get you whatever you tell me and Dad? Or have you ever wondered why Santa is always at the mall? Has anyone ever said anything about Santa to you at school? Do you ever feel like you’re living a lie?

Yes, the North Pole is a real place. But, sweetheart, I have to tell you something important: there’s nothing up there but snow and ice. No elves, no flying reindeer, no ageless portly benefactor capable of delivering hundreds of millions of gifts to children across the world in the span of a few hours. I know you may need a minute to wrap your head around this, just don’t tell your sister, okay? I thought you were getting a little too old for the whole “Santa” thing and it’s about time that you heard the truth.

Your dad and I work hard to get you those gifts, and now that you know, it’s time to be thankful and realize we can’t get everything off your list anymore. Daddy’s a mechanic and I’m a stay-at-home mom, it’s not like we’re rolling in the dough over here. You just can’t ask for all of that stuff every year.

Look son, I need you to stop crying for a minute because I’m trying to spell it out for you. Why do you think Santa waits until you’re sleeping? Do you know what I’m trying to say here? The elves, reindeer, the sleigh, doesn’t it all sound a little too good to be true? You need to be more grateful to the people who put in all that effort for your presents. Who do you think gets those things on your list that you show to only us? Did you think Santa has little cameras in every room in America or something? You’re growing up now, you need to start using your head more.

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself, I just think it’s time you learned something important about Santa. You’re getting older and I don’t want your cheer ruined by some kid on the bus or on the playground. I just don’t want you to be surprised when someone tells you that he doesn’t exist and your parents have been lying to you for years.

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