Dog Loves His New Food, Reports Mom

‘Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark,’ Lucky told reporters when reached for comment.

After the Miller family switched its dog’s food from Pedigree to Iams, area mom Sally Miller announced over the phone last week that he “absolutely loves it.”

Lucky, the golden retriever who has eaten the same dry food for almost ten years now, ate the new food considerably quickly, prompting Miller to announce the dog’s “total obsession” with the kibble.

“Oh, he just can’t get enough,” said Miller, referring to the dog who once happily consumed a leather shoe. “I’ve never seen a dog eat anything so fast. It’s so nice to know that he appreciates the changes we’re making in his diet.”

“He didn’t even question it. He just started wagging his tail and eating, and it really warms my heart to know that we found a food he genuinely likes,” she added, totally ignoring the fact that the dog, who once euphorically scarfed down a dirty hand towel, would like anything.

“As a dog owner, it’s just reassuring to see that I know my dog well enough to make dietary choices that he respects,” she said, as Lucky indulged in his own feces. Miller also noticed how nice it was to see her dog “smiling” as he ate.

“He actually has quite a complex palette, so I’m pretty surprised he’s so excited about the change in food,” Miller added, despite the fact that her dog has been eating the same exact meal twice a day for the past ten years.

At press time, Lucky was spotted attempting to eat a dictionary.

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