It Was The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

He has given up the ghost, breathed his last, kicked the bucket, hopped the twig, bit the dust, and left us to be with the great camel in the sky.

How sad it is, that a being of such talent and such tenacity was taken from us so early, before he had the chance to achieve so many of the things I wanted to make him do.

When asked about my camel, I used to describe him as “large” and “shapely.” And I think that’s about the finest thing one can say about a camel, because of the size of their bodies and humps.

What made him so special? So inspiring? His elegance. The way he carried my loads back and forth ceaselessly made me so proud. He was always the picture of beauty and grace, especially during the times that I wouldn’t let him rest and gave him nothing to eat, like this morning, for example. Looking back, I think he would laugh at the fun times we shared together. But alas, even the best of camels break sometimes.

I have a vivid memory of my camel, one I will never forget. It happened about three or four minutes ago. I remember giving him a sizable bale of hay. He had carried a lot of those, but this one sticks with me for being the one that did him in. He was a gentle giant, always willing to play with the neighborhood kids. Even rotten Jeremy who would throw hay at him. Today Jeremy had but a single straw, and well, that was the one. I knew it was gonna happen one of these days but who could have predicted that this was the straw that would do him in.

He lived a good life, in the end. I’m sure he’s looking down at us smiling, just as me and Jeremy are right now to his still-warm, broken body. Well, I guess it’s time to find another camel.

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