Cool! Top 4 Best Adidas Tracksuits To Wear To Your Friend’s Wedding

Always classy, never trashy

4. Orange Adidas Tracksuit

Have you and your friend stopped talking to each other ever since you proclaimed your love to his fiance? Did he invite you to the wedding as a way of extending an olive branch? You’re gonna have to do something to get his attention or else this rekindled friendship is going to burn right back out! Everyone knows the best way to get someone’s attention at a wedding is by wearing a sweet neon orange tracksuit instead of a normal suit like everyone else. Bring the heat in this tracksuit that says “I’m sorry for what I did, but I’m also cool as fuck.”

3. White Adidas Tracksuit

Are you still in love with your friend’s fiance? There’s no better way to get her attention than by being the only one at the wedding wearing the same color as her. If you think about it, it’s the perfect conversation starter. She’ll ask you why you’re wearing a tracksuit to her special day and you’ll ignore her question and say something like “guess I’m not the only one who looks good in white.” This is your chance!

2. Skin-Color Adidas Tracksuit

Okay, so you want to steal your friend’s fiance away from him and get her to marry you instead, but you also want your friend to like you. You’re going to need a really powerful tracksuit for this one buddy. You need the skin-color tracksuit: the ultimate outfit. This outfit is the natural endpoint of centuries of fashion evolution. It’s like you’re wearing clothes but naked at the same time! Perfect for a formal event: wear the skin-color tracksuit to your friend’s wedding, and you will be unstoppable.

1. Purple Adidas Tracksuit

Need we say more?

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