Couple Vows To Spice Up Sex Life By Having Sex

The couple is hoping to try at least once a month.

Reports have surfaced that Rafael and Talia Klein have endeavored to improve their sex life by actually having sex.

“Rafi really is a wonderful husband,” said Talia. “But, in the past few years, things have just become really vanilla in the bedroom. I thought maybe we could shake things up a little by actually having sex instead of just watching the news or spending hours doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.”

Talia’s suggestion comes after six years of marriage, five of which have been completely sexless.

“I love Talia, she really is everything to me,” said Rafael. “I do acknowledge, however, that things have become somewhat monotonous between us in recent years, so I’m pretty excited to go a little crazy by being physically intimate with one another.”

“I think it’s just time we let loose and go for it,” Rafael continued. “The secret to a healthy relationship is to keep everything fresh and exciting, so this would definitely be a great way to change things up after a five-year mutual dry streak.”

Talia agrees that “stepping out of [their] comfort zone a little” by having sexual intercourse for the first time in half a decade is the perfect way to keep things new and exciting. She has recently revealed her plans to initiate things by kissing Rafael “on the lips.”

At press time, Talia suggested that she and Rafael “really go wild” by taking off their shirts during sex.

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