Flight Attendant Handing Out Snacks Like This Bird Couldn’t Go Down Any Second

Forester wants to know if you would like peanuts or pretzels with your turbulence.

Citing the woman’s untimely aplomb in the face of chaos last Tuesday, passengers on United Airlines flight 4481 to Denver were reportedly unnerved by their flight attendant handing out snacks during turbulence as if the plane were not about to fall out of the sky.

Patty Forester, 32, was seen by witnesses passing out snacks and drinks to passengers in the middle of a bout of turbulence. “Biscuit or Pretzels?” she asked one terrified traveler, as if the aircraft were not at the mercy of a sudden, violent shift in airflow.

Forester reportedly continued to make her way up and down the aisle offering those on the plane their choice of coffee, tea, or juice like this bird couldn’t go down at this very moment.

“The pilot warned us that this might have been a bumpy ride during takeoff,” said United customer Mary Burkhardt, “but nothing could have prepared me to tell a woman with no fear of death that I wanted an apple juice.”

Forester was later seen carrying a plastic shopping bag for garbage through the cab

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