Guy On Trip Counting On Someone Else Bringing Toothpaste

There was not reportedly enough toothpaste to keep everyone’s teeth clean.

Despite meticulously packing a large duffle bag and a carry-on for a weekend trip to Sacramento, Mark Lizetti, 35, is reportedly relying on one of his buddies to supply the toothpaste.

“Someone will probably bring a tube,” reasoned Lizetti as he filled a ziplock bag with deodorant, face wash, and other assorted toiletries. “It’s not a scarce resource, no reason we can’t share.”

When speaking with reporters, Mark was adamant that he did not forget toothpaste, as he made the conscious decision not to pack his own.

“I’m travelling with four friends,” Lizetti explained. “So the chances that none of them will have even a travel size toothpaste, leaving my teeth to rot over the next three days, is minimal. I’ll take those odds everytime.”

“Besides,” he rationalized, “worst case scenario, I can just brush without toothpaste. It won’t be quite the same, but I’ll still get most of the plaque off, and I can just make up for it by brushing extra hard when I get back home.”

Added Lizetti, “I hope whoever steps up with this toothpaste deal has Sensodyne, sometimes my molars get real sensitive in the mornings.”

Lizetti was last seen asking if anyone could lend him a comb, before resigning himself to getting his hands wet and running them through his hair a few times before heading out.

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