It Sure Is Cold Out There

What floor? No problem. Well, boy it sure is freezing out there today. You’ll definitely want to bundle up for this one. It’s not just the low temperature, but the wind that gets ya. I heard from the weather guy that it’s supposed to be down to less than ten this week, but a buddy of mine told me that windchill should make it in the negatives. Isn’t that crazy? Yup, that’s Michigan right there for you. It will probably be minus 40 again in the spring.

I’m always surprised by the cold every winter: I think I just forget in the summer. Oh the summer. I sure could use that nice warm weather around this time, am I right? Nothing sounds better than a 90 degree heat wave. But you know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. The only problem is, I can’t even see the grass under all this snow!

It doesn’t help that fall is so short. It feels like one day it’s summer and then the next we’re back to the cold six months of winter weather. At least there’s things to do in the summer heat! At this time of year, you’re just stuck inside all the time!

Well it looks like we’re on your floor, but just think, next week the weather calls for a warm 50 degrees. Can you believe it?

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