Kid Getting A Little Too Old To Be Believing In Himself

Sources close to local kid James Miller have recently been able to confirm that he is getting a little bit too old to be engaging in childish behaviors like believing in himself.

“Between the ages of 7 and 11, children begin to develop concrete reasoning, and gain the ability to think logically and abstractly. Given this information, James is definitely too old to believe in things like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and himself ”, said local psychologist Yousef Khan when asked about Miller’s immature faith in his own potential.

“I’m kind of getting worried, I don’t want to crush his imagination or anything, but hasn’t this gone on long enough? I’m afraid he’s going to be bullied if he goes into 4th grade still believing in himself ”, said Miller’s mother. “When should I tell him that it’s all a lie?”

According to his teachers, Miller has often been seen drawing pictures of himself in which he is older and holds professions such as a congressman, a rockstar, or a successful scientist with a grant.

“We definitely thought that this was all just a phase,” Millers mother added. “His doctor said that all children mature differently but I’m still worried because on the drive home James was still talking about how he wanted to be just like his doctor one day.”

At press time, Miller was seen excitedly telling his friends all about how he was going to get into the “best college ever” so he could one day accomplish all of his dreams.

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