Near Death Experience Gives Area Man New Outlook On Morning So Far

Wilt was reportedly ready to turn his whole morning around.

After a near-fatal car crash, area man Jackson Wilt has reportedly been given an entirely new view on his morning so far.

Wilt’s weekday commute on M-10 North was violently interrupted after a run-in with an oncoming semi. “That was a real wake up call for me,” said Wilt, staring at the wreckage of his totaled 2008 Chevy Impala. “After seeing the last hour of my life flash before my eyes, it really made me see this whole morning in a completely different light.”

Wilt later elaborated, “this is one of those moments that makes you take stock in your entire morning. It made me think, ‘am I really living my best morning? Or have I just been sleepwalking through my morning this whole time?’”

Inspired by his new view on his morning, Wilt has decided to forgo legal action against the driver of the semi-truck. Wilt went as far as to thank the truck driving for the “hitting the proverbial reset button on [his] morning.”

Sources report that, while the rest of Wilt’s day still looks bleak, he is hopeful for yet another life-affirming experience to give him a new outlook on his afternoon.

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