Opposite Club Not Accepting Applications

The club is really hoping you don’t take the time to apply.

On Thursday evening, a representative from the University of Michigan’s Opposite Club announced that starting next Tuesday they would be definitely not be accepting new applications.

Semaj Sivad, president of the Opposite Club, claimed on Twitter that the club was not accepting applications, and that in order to not apply students would not have to sign up using their full name and student email on the google form not linked in Sivad’s tweet.

“Opposite Club is not a club for people who love to be opposite, it’s a club for normal people who like to spend their time constructively. We don’t have meetings every week on Wednesdays and we don’t have a lot of great events planned for this semester,” said Siwel Nitram, ranking non-member of the Opposite Club. “One of my least favorite events for the winter semester is when we don’t host a bake sale. We don’t sell upside- down cakes and donate the proceeds to Goodwill.”

Members of opposite club are reportedly not looking forward to the prospect of new members and hope everyone feels extremely discouraged to apply to their boring club.

When reached for comment, Sivad said that he was not excited for the newest chapter of the Opposite Club as it was not expected to be fun or full of friendship.

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