Report: Cousins Apparently Have Other Cousins Of Their Own

The cousins also reportedly have a different set of grandparents.

Following a delightful weekend full of video games and outdoor play at their aunt and uncle’s house, the Tremaglio children were shocked and “a little miffed” to check social media the following weekend and see their cousins spending time with their previously-unheard-of other cousins.

“I was at home sitting on the couch when my brother Ben called me into the room to look at something Aunt Linda had posted on Facebook,” said Emily, the older Tremaglio sibling. “So I looked at this picture of a bunch of kids playing in a pool and after a few seconds I was like, ‘wait a second…. Is that Cousin Joey? Is that Cousin Rachel? Who are those other people they’re with?’ and then I checked the caption and that’s when it hit me: Joey and Rachel have other cousins of their own.”

Witnesses report that the Facebook post left the Tremaglio children feeling confused and angry.

“Thinking about it, I guess it makes sense that we aren’t Joey and Rachel’s only cousins,” Ben and Emily agreed. “Uncle Steve does have a bunch of sisters, so of course there was always a likelihood of there being kids on the other side of the family.”

“But there’s still a sense of betrayal,” Ben later added. “I had always kind of assumed that ‘getting together with the cousins’ was ‘our’ thing. Not to mention that Joey and Rachel have never mentioned their other cousins, so seeing that Facebook post made me feel like I was discovering some sort of secret.”

At press time, the Tremaglio children had all but forgotten about the incident as they were too busy cheating on their cousins with their own other cousins.

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