Stoner Loves The Vibes

Benenson reportedly just loves everything that’s going on here.

After taking a few large tokes from a marijuana cigarette and taking in the ambiance of his friend’s Kerrytown apartment, local stoner Eric Benenson is reportedly loving the vibes he is picking up right now.

“Wow, yeah I’m loving it in here,” stated Benenson relaxing on his friend’s bean bag chair. “I don’t know if it’s the lighting in the room or something, but I’m really picking up a positive energy.”

Despite chilling in the same spot with the same people almost day everyday this semester, Benenson is insistent that these vibes are especially tight.

The self-proclaimed “pot enthusiast” was nearly at a loss for words when asked to describe the “vibes he was drifting on” last Thursday afternoon in his friend Derek’s dimly lit living room.

“It’s hard for me to pinpoint it,” Benenson told reporters as he kicked his shoes off and put his feet on the coffee table. “But I’m just really digging these waves, you know?”
Witnesses at the scene were able to verify just how much Benenson was loving the vibes in the room.

“Oh, Eric was chilling,” said Jonas Britt, Benenson’s roommate. “He kept saying how much he was loving the vibes, but wouldn’t go into any detail about what he meant other than laughing and saying ‘just the vibes, bro.’”

“That dude’s crazy,” Britt added from a room in which all smoke detectors were covered by plastic bags. “He was totally on cloud nine.”

At press time, Benenson was asking reporters that they “don’t harsh his mellow.”

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