Student Studying Abroad Practices Spanish By Asking For English Menu

Richards was reportedly eyeing the chimichanga.

Reports have surfaced that junior abroad student Jessica Richards, who is currently studying in Barcelona, has practiced speaking Spanish only in the context of asking for menus translated into English.

Witnesses confirm that asking for English menus is one of the only instances in which Jessica has strayed from her native tongue.

“¿Puedo tener un menú en inglés?” Richards was heard asking this past Friday at a restaurant in the city’s famous Las Ramblas area. “Gracias,” she said, perfecting her language skills upon receiving the menu, which was completely devoid of a single word of Spanish.

“Jessica has been learning Spanish for three years now, so she’s really helpful to have aroundwhile exploring Spain,” said Lily Chambers, one of Richards’ best friends. “Whenever I can’t understand something, I just ask her, and she’s always happy to ask someone else to translate.”

Chambers stated her Spanish-speaking friend has also been helpful when “asking for English train schedules.” She has been the “most helpful,” however, when “telling people in Spanish that [they] only speak English.”

Other witnesses confirm that Richards has become adept in asking how much things cost in dollars and asking about the temperature in Fahrenheit.

“Abroad has been a really transformative experience for me,” said Richards. “I feel as if I’ve really come out of my comfort zone, especially when using a completely different language. I’ve learned so many new words while I’ve been here, like tapas, playa, and Madrid!”

Richards was last seen partying at one of Barcelona’s vibrant clubs, where she proudly asked for a “cerveza.”

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