Studio Apartment Somehow Made Sadder By Addition Of Succulent

The succulent accentuated the lifelessness present in the rest of the apartment.

In an unsuccessful attempt to makes her studio apartment “more homey” and “quirkier,” sources are reporting that the addition of a succulent has made sophomore Caitlyn Sommers’ apartment seem even more lonely.

Sommers reportedly placed the tiny succulent on a window sill covered with dust she has never cleaned to “breathe life into the room.”

The interior design update came after hours of online research on the difficulty of keeping a plant alive, with searching including “plant” and “what plants don’t need water.”

When asked to comment on her motivations for the botanical addition to her fifth-floor walk-up, Sommers said, “It’s just, like, super fun to have a little baby plant to take care of. I’ve only forgotten to water it, like, twice this week but that fine cause it’s a cactus, right?”

Witnesses have confirmed that the succulent has only made the one-room apartment even sadder.

“Her place wasn’t a pretty site before, but something about that tiny, pointy-ass flower makes everything else look even worse,” said Amelia Hobbes, Sommers’ freshman roommate. “The p lace was essentially a windowless trash cube of knick-knacks already, but adding the plant makes you think about how hard she might actually be trying to make it look nice.”

Sommers was last seen scrolling through Pinterest lists alone in her apartment while the plant started to wilt.

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