Teenager Hires Babysitter For Divorced Dad

Jones reportedly hoped that Harris wouldn’t throw a tantrum this time.

Before attending a local house party this past Friday, 16-year-old Tim Harris ordered a babysitter for his 49-year-old father.

“Preheat the oven at around eight because he usually likes to eat dinner a little later on Friday nights,” Tim said to babysitter Sarah Jones. “There’s a re-run of last week’s game on in an hour, so he’ll probably want to watch that unless he gets a little cranky. In that case, make sure he gets to bed before ten.”

Tim’s father, Steven, was excited to see Sarah, claiming that she “sometimes lets [him] have an extra scoop of ice cream.” However, he also showed concern as to when his son would return.

“Timmy, when are you gonna be home? Night time is scary,” the 49-year-old man told his son. “Can me and Sarah play air hockey?”

Witnesses have confirmed that Tim also gave the babysitter special instructions, such as making sure that his father was in pajamas by nine.

“He’s had a couple late nights this week, so I don’t want him up too late. Also, not too much junk food this time,” Tim instructed Sarah. “And if he’s having trouble sleeping, be sure to play his favorite Fleetwood Mac CD. He calls it his ‘Special CD.’ That usually relaxes him.”

“If he starts crying or gets scared, his favorite IPA is in the fridge. In case of emergency, I’ve left his ex-wife’s number on the counter.”

Tim told his father that he “wouldn’t be home too late” before making him promise to treat Sarah with respect.

Steven was last seen refusing to go the shower.

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