Dominos Delivery Tracker To Now Let Customers Track Delivery Driver Until He Gets Home Safe

The company is hoping customers can now enjoy their pizza worry free.

Following a company-wide meeting to discuss ways to improve customer satisfaction, popular pizza chain Dominos has decided to update its pizza delivery tracker to allow customers to track their drivers until they have arrived home and are safe in bed.

Dominos CEO Richard E. Allison has stated that he believes this will be a “very welcome change for everyone involved.”

“Previously with our pizza tracker, your food would arrive and that would be it,” explained Allison. “Then the delivery driver would just disappear, perhaps never to be heard of again. We just didn’t think that was right.”

Allison went on to explain that the new updated version would not only bring peace of mind to customers but would also provide relief to the drivers, who will know that someone is now tracking their every step.

“After I make deliveries, I’m always worried that my car will break down, or I’ll run into some type of fatal emergency,” said Dominos delivery man Patrick Levenson. “But it soothes a lot of my anxiety to know that my customer is monitoring me like a guardian angel until I’m back at my house and tucked into bed.”

Users of the updated tracker have expressed satisfaction at being able to receive “closure.”

The new feature also offers an option to send a pre-written message once the driver is in his warm bed. Current options include “Goodnight!” “Thank you for being you,” and “Have a great day tomorrow, love you.”

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