Junior Deems It Warm Enough To Half-Unzip Jacket

Gauging the outside temperature as too warm for a full-zip yet still too cold for a full-unzip, junior Raymond Harris deemed it appropriate to half-unzip his jacket on his walk to class this past Thursday.

“Campus is finally warming up,” said Harris, detailing his thought process on his walk from the UgLi to Mason Hall earlier this week. “I wanted to take in some of that sweet, sweet Michigan sunlight.”

“Sunny days like these are so refreshing,” said the junior, who was wearing three layers under his half- unzipped parka.

Harris briefly fully unzipped his jacket, before deciding the elements were too harsh for such a wardrobe change.

“It’s nice to finally shed some layers and be able to take in the Ann Arbor spring weather,” said Harris, on a day that The Weather Channel described as “mostly cloudy.”

While facing eight MPH winds, Harris also told reporters that he “wished he had his sunglasses.”

“Campus just comes to life on days like these,” said Skylar Kemp, another student at the University of Michigan. “Instead of seeing people bundled up with red noses and tears in their eyes from the agonizing winter weather, you see people walking around campus wearing a quarter less of a layer with red noses and tears in their eyes from the agonizing spring weather.”

In addition to unzipping the outermost layers half way, students were also seen taking their hands out of their pockets for the first time in months. One brave student was even seen trying to read on one of the ice cold cement benches in the Diag with her coat completely unzipped.

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