Supermarket Offers Orange Slice Samples For People Who Don’t Know What An Orange Tastes Like

The samples are meant to broaden the customers' horizons.

In an effort to boost its sales by providing product samples, Ann Arbor’s Whole Foods on West Eisenhower Parkway is reportedly offering sample orange slices for all the people who have never tasted an orange before.

“I really appreciate Whole Foods’ initiative to let its customers know exactly what they’re purchasing before they buy it,” said customer Benny Smith. “These orange slices are especially perfect for me, as I’ve gone through my entire life without tasting one.”

The small table that offered the samples was met with an influx of customers desperate to expose their pallets to the mysterious flavors that the orange had to offer.

“It’s actually quite an interesting taste,” said Smith, upon trying one of the most widely-consumed foods in the world for the first time. “It reminds me a little bit of an apple, but I’m also getting some lemon vibes.”

Other customers were less satisfied by the ubiquitous citrus fruit, reportedly complaining that the skin of orange was too difficult to chew.

“Honestly, it kind of reminds me of a grapefruit,” said Jenna Horowitz, another Whole Foods customer. “Weirdly, it tastes kind of like orange juice.”

Many of the customers reportedly purchased oranges after sampling and brought the new food item home to their families. A customer satisfaction poll showed growing excitement to expose family members to the fascinating orange fruit.

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