5 Places To Take Grad Pics If You’re Not Like Other Girls

1.Markley Dining Hall

You’ve cried here, you’ve experienced your first Kamchatka hangover here, and you’ve routinely eaten “apple pie mac and cheese” here. What better place to wrap it all up than a walk down a wind tunnel through memory lane?

2. Basement of the League

You never spent any time studying at the law quad, so why take your pictures there? Are you a fake bitch? I didn’t think so. Show the people where you really spent your time.

3. Rackham Auditorium

You looove big fancy spaces don’t you! We get it, you have refined taste. You read vogue magazine in print once. You have those chunky white sneakers that Kylie Jenner told you to get.

4. Parking lot of the Big House

You tried to get onto the field and it was locked. All hail a plan B!

5. Way 1 Supermarket

Plop yourself down in front of the absolutely astonishing produce section of the Plymouth Road grocery, and give your go-to Asian supermarket the collegiate recognition it deserves!

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