Area Badass Eats Brownies Before They Cool

Not even the fires of hell could stop Fenderson from the bownies.

According to local reports, area woman Susan Fenderson broke with unspoken tradition to eat her brownies when she wanted.

“I- I’ve never seen confidence like this before” said her roommate, Gus Stevenson. “She just took them right out of the oven, put them on the stove, and cut right into the center without missing a beat. I’ve only seen that in movies.”

When approached for comment, Fenderson eagerly obliged. “In this life, you either take what you want, or it takes you,” she said, through bites of hot, hot brownie. “Mama didn’t raise no bitch.”

Brendan Jenkins, spokesperson for Betty Crocker weighed in on this event, citing safety precautions. “We just don’t want people getting hurt by following her daring lead.”

“If one woman thinks she can just eat her dessert whenever she wants, what’s next? Another one?”

At press time, Fenderson was seen giving birth before her due date.

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