Facebook To Allow Users To Connect Account To Facebook

Facebook hopes to continue its partnership with Facebook in future endeavors.

Last Thursday in a Facebook Live press conference, Facebook CFO David Wehner announced that Facebook users will now be able to seamlessly connect their current Facebook accounts to their current Facebook account.

Calling the move “another win for users who wish for the merging of all information on one feed,” Wehner added that “the large Facebook policy change will better reflect the company’s outlook on media synchronization” and that “no data from Facebook will be saved by Facebook servers to protect the privacy of the user.”

Facebook Department of Public Relations told reporters, “our goal is allowing users to connect Facebook to Facebook to let them experience all the benefits of Facebook from the comfort of their current Facebook accounts.”

According to an email sent to all Facebook users interested in connecting their accounts to Facebook, “the exchange of anonymous client data between Facebook and Facebook will allow consumers to have more freedom with how they can log in and present themselves online now.”

At press time, Facebook was rumored to have been tampering with Facebook customer information.

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