Inspiring! This Guy Gave Up Dairy And Now He’s Just Waiting For Something Good To Happen

Move over health guides and gurus, because there’s a new sheriff in town. You may think you have the answers to a long healthy life, but health god Jason Cownie just gave up dairy for good and now he’s just waiting for some positive to happen in his life.

Cownie decided to give up eating dairy after reading online reports about people losing weight, getting clearer skin, and improving their cardiovascular health by giving up the milk. While none of this has happened to him yet, Cownie remains optimistic that maybe, for once, something nice might happen.

Giving up dairy means leaving creature comforts like milkshakes and cheesy bread in the past, just like everyone inevitably leaves him.

Way to go Jason! We can only imagine that this is going to work out for you in due time.

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