Shocking Report Reveals Gay Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Husband Also Gay

Buttigieg hopes the public can learn to trust him again after this deception.

The presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg, openly gay mayor of South Bend, Indianna, is mired in scandal after an astonishing investigative report revealed that his husband, Chasten Buttigieg, also identifies as gay.

David Collins, a veteran reporter for the South Bend Tribune, released the findings of his months long investigation in a 10,000 word expose detailing the secret life that South Bend’s first gentleman has been hiding from the public for so many years.

Many voters reacted to the bombshell revelation by expressing feelings of confusion and distrust on social media. Long time South Bend resident Eileen Porter took to Facebook to share her thoughts on the scandal. Her status update read, “One gay man in the White House already felt like an affront to family values, but hearing that his husband has been gay this whole time makes me wonder if I’ll ever trust again.”

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg held a joint press conference to address voter concerns in the aftermath of the Tribune article. Mayor Buttigieg began with a solemn statement explaining how he can “empathize with everyone who is reeling right now,” because he did not find out about Chasten’s identity until “six months after we began dating.” However, he assured his supporters that “if you get to know the real Chasten like I have, we can all get through this together.”

After the opening remarks, the couple opened up to questions from a very curious audience. Many voters who felt betrayed by the secret nature of the relationship wanted to know specific details about the logistics. Mary Walsh, 67, asked the couple which one of them is “the top” and which one is “the bottom” in the “bunk beds” she assumes they share.

At press time, a voter expressed concern that if Mr. Buttigieg was “pretending to have a straight husband this whole time,” he may also have been lying when he assured them “you will not ‘turn gay’ if you vote for [him].”

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