Teacher Who Sees Second Grader At Supermarket Assumed Students Lived At School

The students were reportedly also friends with other students outside of class.

Reports have surfaced that local middle school teacher Steven Miller saw one of his students at Kroger this past Sunday, despite believing that all students sleep at school.

The student, Timothy Jacobs, was reportedly excited to see his teacher, but was met with Miller’s confused expression.

“Wait, what are you doing here?” asked Miller, upon coinciding with Jacobs and his mother in the produce aisle. “It’s great to see you, but I just didn’t realize that it was possible for you to go beyond the boundaries of Sawyer Hill Elementary School.”

Stevens, completely unaware that students have lives outside of school, allegedly thought that all elementary school students just “sleep in the auditorium, or something.”

“I mean, it’s really great to see you,” said Miller, “it’s just unexpected. I was pretty sure that you and all your classmates only exist between the hours of eight and three on Mondays through Fridays.”

Stevens was also surprised to see Jacobs’ mother, whom he did not think existed until this past Sunday.

“Oh my God, you have a mom too?” asked Miller. “That’s awesome and everything, I just assumed you kind of existed in this isolative educational vacuum and therefore were completely devoid of family.”

Miller also displayed signs of shock that Jacobs was in a supermarket, as he was under the assumption that “students just get all their food from the cafeteria.”

“Well, it was really fantastic to see you, Timothy,” said Miller, even though he thought the whole thing was just “kind of weird.”

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