Dole Introduces New Solar-Powered Produce Line

Dole expects to roll out its line of environmentally friendly fruits over the next decade.

With marginal revenue on the decline after yet another slow quarter, Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. has opted for an innovative solution and announced their very first solar-powered line of produce.

“Dole has a rich history of selling high quality, organic fruits and vegetables for several decades, but we also want to be a part of the future,” said Dole CEO David H. Murdock at a press conference introducing the initiative. “We want to set an example for all companies that renewable resources like sunlight will be the standard for growing produce moving forward.”

While the strategy will be first be applied to Dole’s most popular product, the banana, the agricultural corporation hopes that all of their lines of fruits and vegetables will harness solar power by 2025.

“We think that this could guide us to the future of agriculture,” claimed Dole spokesperson Sam Blumberg explaining the company pivot in a recent MSNBC interview. “You see calculators, automobiles, and even homes utilize UV rays to fulfill their energy needs. So why shouldn’t the fruit cup you feed your children?”

Only days away from launch, the entire Dole team is expecting a favorable yield for the company’s new track.

“This is something new. This is something unexpected,” added Murdock. “We know it’s a risk, but we think clean, solar-powered produce is something that a lot of people are going to get excited about.”

Sources close to Dole have also added that Murdock has hinted at new agricultural methods that will be able to harness rainwater.

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