Airbnb Host Lingering

Park reportedly spent 15 minutes explaining the shower.

After booking a three-night stay in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Peter and Celine Bell had their vacation delayed by an Airbnb host who refused to leave. The host has been identified as Andrea Park, a New England resident whom the Bells had hoped would refrain from visiting the house at all.

“I’ll be right on my way just after I show you where all the silverware is,” said Park, even though she had already given her guests an extensive tour of the kitchen. “I’m sure you could find them by yourself, but the knives and forks are here, and the spoons are in the adjacent drawer.”

Park assured the Bells that she would be leaving as soon as possible, but she first needed to bring some “ground rules” to their attention.

“There’s no smoking, and throwing any parties or events would result in you losing your security deposit,” she Park, whom the Bells had hoped would leave immediately. “In addition, don’t put the thermostat under 65 degrees, don’t throw anything in the toilet other than toilet paper, and don’t sleep on the sheets if you have a spray tan.”

Reports show that Park reiterated these rules three times, even though Peter Bell informed her that the couple had already read them online.

“Let me just show you how to use the washing machine,” said Park, even though the Bells assured her that they had no need of washing clothes during their three-night stay. “I’ll leave right after that, but I just want to show you how to use it so that you don’t break it.”

Despite the fact that the Bells could have navigated the simple house with no introduction at all, Park’s tour lasted over an hour. While Park claimed to have left the property in the early afternoon, recent sightings indicate that she remained for much longer.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” said Park, sitting in the kitchen even though she told the Bells she had already left. “I’ll just be sitting in here reading my book. Please, let me know if you need anything. The WiFi password’s on the fridge.”

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