English GSI Obviously A Bottom

Marsden encouraged active participation in class.

Students attending GSI Rowan Marsden’s discussion for English 248 last Friday reportedly came to the conclusion that Marsden was “obviously a bottom.”

According to students in Marsden’s section of the sophomore English course, the graduate instructor had “made clear” over the first few weeks of the semester his predisposition towards submission in sexual scenarios.

“At this point, I think we all know,” observed student Cole Smith, also adding that there was “no shame in that.” According to Smith, “This one guy in the front row always talks over him, but all he does is roll his eyes with a smirk. I gotta assume that hands-off, hands-tied approach might translate to the bedroom.”

“He has such nice handwriting,” remarked student Liza Koether, accepting one of the worksheets Marsden was handing around the classroom quietly. “He grades pretty easy too,” Koether added.

When questioned on the validity of the students’ claims, Marsden reportedly shrugged, then blushed.

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