Floundering Advisor Suggests Study Abroad

‘What are your thoughts on Sweden?’ asked Winson.

Reports emerged last Tuesday that floundering LSA academic advisor Loretta Winsom suggested studying abroad, struggling to think of a single other piece of advice.

“Have you considered studying abroad?” said Winsom.

“I started talking about my career goals and some courses I hoped to take at Michigan at my appointment last week,” reported Winsom’s advisee and LSA sophomore Amelia Jones. “I thought it was strange that she was wringing her hands and not making eye contact, and then she started going on about cultural immersion in Ghana.”

“At first I drew a blank,” said Winsom when reached for comment. “But the whole thing reminded me of a conversation I had with a different student earlier this morning, also another perfect candidate for study abroad. But the other girl was definitely more Cuba, or China.”

“There’s a lot of pressure and expectation in being an advisor too,” added Winsom. “It’s my cross to bear, I suppose.”

At press time, Winsom needed some help logging into WolverineAccess.

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