I Fucked Your Mom

Hey, you wanna know what felt even better than going flawless in that free-for-all just now? It was last night, when I fucked your mom.

Oh, what’s that over there? I think she left her bra on my futon. No big deal, I’m sure she’ll be back to get it tonight when I fuck her again until the sun rises. Wait, she’s calling me now. Hello? Oh, what’s that? You’ll be over in a half hour? And you’re dying for another taste of my foot-long dick? Sure, right after I absolutely decimate your pathetic excuse for a son in team deathmatch.

Yeah, I fucked her harder than my AC-130 just annihilated your entire team. I made her orgasm more times than you’ve ever earned a UAV in your entire life. She was screaming louder than you did when I just hit that 360.

Oh yeah, tonight, I’m gonna do something similar to her to what the nuke I’m about to drop is gonna do to your entire team. Yeah, you guys are so trash, you know what your mom told me last night? She told me she wished you were never born, and I had to agree with her because of how worthless you are. Your Kill Death Ratio is even lower than how low your mom dropped her panties for me. And I exploded on her face like my predator missile that just killed your entire team.

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